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Join us Monday June 18th @Kinsmen Media Centre 700pm. Same location as last year, in the building above the concession the Mission Quad ball fields on Lexington.

More details to come.


Posted by Big White Ski Club at Apr 5, 2018 4:17PM PDT

We have the best ❤️SUPPORT❤️ for our club! Thank you to Telus and Big White Ski Resort for raising $32,564!!!! The #kelownacup2018 was a huge success. Also thank you to olympians Kelsey Serwa and Ian Deans for being there to present it!!!


Updated: TWO DAYS WITH KELSEY AND IAN – our Home-Hill Heros!

Dates: Thursday April 5 & Friday April 6!
NOTE updated dates accommodates U12,14,16 Zone finals

• Cost: $50 – will be a fund raiser for the Ski Club

• 50 kids max. 7-16 (dependent on ability)

• Registration through the Ski & Board School – or (250)491-6101

• Open exclusively to the Ski Club until Sunday March 25th then opens to the public

Location: Big White Ski Resort- Telus Park

Camp Timeline:

Day 1:
9:00- Ian/Kelsey up to set course / prep track

  • Assistance from TELUS Park Crew
  • TELUS gate panels, course markings, dye, b-nets
  • Start gate in place
    9:45: Meet and greet top of SX Track
  • Group pep talk and warm-up
    10:30-11:00: Course preview/ inspection
    11:00- 12:30: Training block #1 with Kelsey and Ian
  • 2 full length runs
  • pause and discuss techniques/ tactics
  • 2 practice starts for afternoon relay
  • Full length runs until lunch working on technique
    12:30-13:15: Group Lunch break (Pizza @ Happy Valley?)
    13:30- 14:30: Training block #2 with Kelsey and Ian
  • Start section relay race
  • 2 full length runs
    14:30 re-group at bottom of track
  • Ski through bumpy alley into Village
    15:00 Village group photos with Mascots and Clock Tower
  • Sign posters, take pictures and hand out buffs!

Day 2:
10:30: Meet at top of SX Track

  • Group pep talk and warm-up
    10:30-10:45: Course preview/ inspection
    11:00-12:00: Training Block #3 with Kelsey and Ian
  • 2 runs through small jumps in Terrain Park
  • 2 full length SX
  • 2 starts
    12:15-13:00: Open races against Kelsey and Ian
  • Parents/ family welcome to join to show newly acquired skills
    13:30: Meet parents in village/ closing remarks / photos etc.

Our Volunteers

Posted by Big White Ski Club at Mar 20, 2018 9:58AM PDT

We volunteer because we know what it takes to put on a race for our kids; it takes many of us to hold a successful, safe and fun race and this weekend’s race was exactly that… successful, safe and fun! As we all know, it’s sometimes hard to volunteer when we want to watch our kids race but its necessary for us to do our share.
We had a great turnout this weekend and it’s a testament to what great people we have in our race community. We hope you had some fun too!

Big White Ski Club thanks all of you for jumping in not only at this past U12 race but other races we hosted throughout the season.

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Message from Club President

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Dear Big White Ski Club Parents,
This U12 Invitational race is the last race of the season at Big White, the last race of the season where we need volunteers.  Thank you to those who have signed up.

As a member of the Big White Ski Club each of us is required to volunteer at as many events as possible, we require your involvement so that we are able to host top notch events and to ensure the safety of our athletes. Volunteering for a race is simple as there are many different “jobs” that you can do that do not need any ski racing experience to do.

Don’t be shy, please click this link to sign up:

Here’s where we need coverage; we can’t run a race without them! 

  • Assistant Starter* – Sat & Sun, no experience necessary, get the kids in place for their run!
  • Gate Judges – Sat & Sun, no experience necessary, a fun way to see your child’s run!
  • Hand Timers/Recorders – Sat & Sun, Start & Finish – again, you get to see your child at the start to wish them a good run or finish to say they had a great run!   

    I strongly urge you to step up and get involved as you will gain a whole new appreciation for ski racing and how good of a skier your child has become.

    Thanks for your support.

    John McMillan
    Big White Ski Club