Posted by Big White Ski Club on Mar 29 2017 at 02:27PM PDT in 2016/17

This summer is going to be an excellent snow year and the glacier is in great shape! The camp is available to BWSC racers and other racers in the Okanagan zone according to birth years noted below. Racers must re-new their ACA membership through the club to have their liability coverage up to date by July 1st, 2017.

Who: U12/U14/U16
Where: Whistler (we are staying at the Whistler Athlete Centre)
When: July 11th –16th Depart Kelowna 8:00AM, Tuesday, July 11th
Coaches: Trevor Haaheim, Wade Christie and TBA if more than 15 racers

A summer ski camp is a great start for athletes looking to get a head start on next year. Plus there is a lot to do besides skiing while in the Whistler valley. Don’t forget to bring your mountain bike and swim suit! First year U12’s (born 2007) are welcome to join the camp but should consider staying with their parents. Second year U12’s and all U14’s and U16’s may also do this or do the full camp. This year all meals at the camp are included. We have hired a professional chef to prepare hot breakfasts and dinners and bag lunches. Racers just need to bring a bag lunch for the trip to Whistler. Our first meal is dinner in Whistler on the night of July 11th.

U12 – born 2007 and 2006
U14 – born 2005 and 2004
U16 – born 2003 and 2002

Full Camp Fees:
1st deposit: $300.00 due May 15th
Final deposit: $850.00 due June 15th
Total fee: $1,150.00 in total received by June 15th

Making it a family holiday? Join us for the skiing and activities but skip the cost for van travel, meals, and accommodation:

Partial Camp Fees:
Three days $550.00 CAD due June 15th
Four days $700.00 CAD due June 15th
Five days $850.00 CAD due June 15th

*Partial camp fees do not include travel, accommodation, or meals

To register and secure your spot for the camp:

Please mail Trevor two postdated cheques payable to the BWSC. Cheque #1 should be dated May 15th 2017 for $300.00.

The 2nd cheque for the remaining $850 dated June 15th

Send me an e-transfer by the same dates for the same amounts and I will forward the email to our Treasurer, Kim McCuaig.

Trevor Haaheim
1434 Lombardy Square
Kelowna BC V1Y 3S7

Cell: 250-863-5884

Please make cheques payable to “Big White Ski Club” or “BWSC”

Max. numbers: We have room for 20 racers this year

Includes: 5 days skiing, 5 nights accommodation, travel to/from and while in Whistler, all meals starting with dinner on the 11th and ending with lunch on the 16th. We will have lots of left overs to make a bag lunch for the trip home.