For RACE inclined athletes: U16 is an incredible stage of a skier’s development. More training volume is offered by adding a third day per week for extra on-snow training opportunities. Athletes training three days a week must be physically and mentally prepared and of course, must be caught up with their school studies.

The BWSC Alpine and Ski Cross Teams will train together for the early season. Due to GS being a large element of SX, the training overlaps a lot. Each athlete can choose which events they wish to participate in. Some athletes will choose to go to both Alpine and SX events and others might focus on one or the other.  The key with our U16 program is that athletes do not have to choose at the beginning of the season, so you have options as your skills develop throughout the year.

Race opportunities for each season are the BC Open Series and the Western Ski Cross Series.  The Open Series consists of three-day race events throughout the season throughout BC. The Ski Cross Series consists of three  (or four) races throughout BC and Alberta. 

When some of the team is away at a Ski Cross race, the athletes who choose not to attend will stay at BW and train Alpine. When the team is away at an Alpine race, those who choose not to attend will stay at BW and train Ski Cross. All training is weather and terrain availability permitting.

**Additional training offered mid-week (at Big White or sometimes Apex). The current plan is for the mid-week training to be FRIDAYS for the 2021-2022 season. In total, this schedule includes approximately 15 more days of training. If training happens at Apex Mountain Resort (this is rare, and weather/snow condition-driven), lift pass costs will come from your racer account - reciprocal pass discounts apply.