NEW program added in the 2020-21 Season!

Not every ski racer chooses to stay in competition... some of our best athletes often choose to COACH! This season we are offering the COACH APPRENTICE PROGRAM (CAP). This program will consist of: 

  1. CSIA Level 1 Instructor course ($480 value)
  2. ACA Entry Level Coach course ($415 value)
  3. Approx 20 days of ski improvement coached training days
  4. Approx 16 coach shadowing days
  5. 6 days of Pro-Development

Year of Births for CAP: those born in 2008 and older (U16/18 aged athletes can do the BWSC CAP program.

Q: Can I still race this season?

YES! Any of the athletes in the CAP program who wish to participate in a race or two, you are welcome. You may need to evaluate the race schedule with the certification course schedule, but this is up to you to set your preference. Please discuss with Wade and Trevor to ensure your name is on the roster for any race(s) you are hoping to participate in.

Q: Will I get Paid for Coaching?

Eventually YES - once you are hired by a club or resort. This season the CAP program is about training to coach, learning and certifying. Successful certification documents will qualify you for NEXT season if you wish to pursue a job with Big White Resort, BWSC, or any other location that interests you.

Q: Can I use this as my high school "Volunteer" hours requirement?

YES, because you are not being paid for coaching, the hours you put towards the 'shadowing' part of this program can be considered Volunteer. Please bring your school forms to Coach Trevor for the authorization of volunteer hours. Note, the professional development days are required for your certification and not considered volunteer hours. But since the shadowing days (and training) are more flexible, you will only receive volunteer credit for days of shadowing you participate in.

Q: Will I still be part of the U16 'Team'?

YES! You will still be part of the team. You will still be required to participate at the Ski Swap, sell raffle tickets (oh yeah!) and invited to any events happening throughout the season. You will ALWAYS be part of the BWSC family and as years go on, a valued Alumni Member of the club!!!

If you have any questions about this new program,
please email

NOTE: This program will still carry a small RACER ACCOUNT of $500 ($100/month) to cover any additional expenses such as concussion testing, van fees etc.