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U12 Program - Ages 10 & 11


Designed specifically for skiers who are keen to spend more time on snow and have shown an inclination towards racing.  A balance of all-mountain skiing as well as race training helps to build strong skiing skills and a life-long passion for the sport. There are several race events throughout the season and families can choose to attend as many races or as few races as they desire.

The season starts with dryland training in September. On-snow training starts at the beginning of December and continues thru first part of April.

  • Birth Year: 2011-2012 (for 2022/23 season).
  • Offering 1 or 2 Day Programs
  • On snow training runs early December through the first week of April 
  • Dryland Training (fall pre-ski conditioning) is included in this program's fees

NEW FOR 2022-23 - Athletes born in 2012 have the OPTION of choosing the U12 (Junior) Team or Blazer DEVELOPMENT Team. For more information please email


Both options are considered the same “team” and any ability may register in either one or two day. Experienced racers who were in the U12 program are strongly encouraged to register in the two day program which helps for the transition to U14 the following year. 

U12 kids ski every weekend from the beginning of December through to early April. Several extra days over the Christmas and Spring Break holidays are also included. 

U12 is an excellent bridge between the Big White Blazers program and the higher level of training volume of U14.  The program is designed to develop a stable and reliable skill base that will enable a 10 or 11 year old athlete to acquire the more advanced skiing skills in the following years to come.  On-snow time is split between technical free skiing, gate skill and drill courses, ski cross training, and of course all mountain skiing.

The U12s have an opportunity to race against children their own age in regular style ski races - the beginning of their journey as a competitive skier.  U12 is one of the programs within the club where a dryland training component is offered as well as the on-snow program.  U12 kids begin to adapt to a more competitive atmosphere where each individual is encouraged to begin pushing themselves through fun competition and quality skiing environments to continue their skill development as skiers and racers of the future.  The primary focus of U12 is learning how to train as a ski racer – and of course… to have fun! 


 IMPORTANT: also see Racer Account below


  • Early Bird Program fee: $1435*
  • Regular Program Fee as of September 15: $1635*


  • Early Bird Program fee: $1225*
  • Regular Program Fee as of September 15: $1425*

*no additional taxes

A family membership fee of $60 is required per family (regardless of the number of athletes).


‚ÄčOur club has 2 large passenger vans which are used to shuttle athletes who need a ride to ski training ORrace days. No need to pre-register, just show up! On any dates where there is a possibility of full capacity, Coach Trevor will send an email to all asking for a commitment to count attendees. This allows families to have their athletes attend, even on days when the rest of the family is not able to get to the hill. The cost to ride in the van will be deducted, per trip, from each athlete's Racer Account.

Racer Accounts are a banked fund for each racer, used for van rides and "race fees". Within the "race fees" are the lift tickets, coach expenses, entry fees among other costs.

Any funds in YOUR Racer Account which are not used during the season will be reimbursed at the end of the race season. Racer Account amounts are based on age category and will be announced at the family info meeting each fall, the amount may change year-to-year based on expected costs and fundraising income to the club. 

  • U12 .....................................................................$900
  • U14 .....................................................................$2300
  • U16 Alpine and SX Athletes .........................$2800
  • Coach Apprentice .........................................$500

The Racer Accounts are to be paid:

  • 100% (due November 15th)
  • OR
    • $5 upfront, then 5 equal monthly payments for the balance of your fees
      (payments due Nov 15, Dec 15, Jan 15, Feb 15, Mar 15)

ALL RACE ACCOUNTS are paid by online payments ONLY and set up at time of registration.

NOTE:  Raffle tickets are NOT paid from the Racer Account. Raffle ticket costs will be pre-paid during registration. Selling raffle tickets; when you sell your raffle tickets, you keep the money and only return the stubs. ALL STUBS MUST BE RETURNED!


  • Blazer Half Day>> minimum 6 credits
  • Blazer Full Day>> minimum 8 credits
  • DEVO>> minimum 10 credits
  • U12>> minimum 12 credits
  • U14>> minimum 14 credits
  • U16>> minimum 16 credits

There are many opportunities to fulfill your volunteer credits throughout the season. Questions? email


The cleaning of the club cabin is the responsibility of the U12 FAMILIES! Any family who does NOT sign up for a shift by December 1st will be ASSIGNED a date. PICK A SHIFT TODAY :) **make sure you login with the email address you used to register **

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