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U16 Racer Program

U16 Racer Program (AGES 14-15)   

The U16 category is very exciting. Massive growth rates, huge strength gains and a more mature ​understanding of the skills required make this a fun time to be a ski racer. U16 is an incredible stage of a skier’s development. More training volume is offered again by adding a fourth day per week as on-snow training opportunities. Athletes training four days a week must be physically and mentally prepared and of course must be caught up with their school studies.

Race opportunities for the 2018/2019 season is the BC Open series.  This race series consist of three day events throughout the season.  The peak events of the season are the Provincial and Canam Championships.

  • YOB: 2003-2004
  • First Day Dryland: September 10th
  • First On Snow Day: End of November

Program Rates:

  • Early Bird Program fee: $2165*
  • Program Fee as of November 15: $2265*
  • **Regular ProgramDays on snow: Approx. 82

*no additional taxes (2018 Rates)

Club Van & Racer Accounts (U12, U14, U16 & SX)

Our club has 2 vans which our head coaches use to shuttle athletes who need rides on ski training AND race days. This allows families to have their athletes attend even on days when the rest of the family may not be able to get to the hill!

The cost to ride in the van will be deducted from each athlete's Racer Account. Racer Accounts are used for van rides and race fees, these accounts are to be paid either up front at the beginning of the season, OR with monthly post dated cheques. Any funds which are not used during the season will be reimbursed at the end of the race season. Racer Account amounts are based on age category and will be announced at the family info meeting each fall.

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