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Big White Blazers


(Also known as Nancy Greene Ski League)

Keen skiers* up to 9 years of age (up to 10 for Devo Team) are categorized as BLAZERS, this entry-level program is designed to encourage participation, interaction, and the development of basic skiing techniques and skills in an environment that promotes fun, safety, and teamwork.

This program gives each child the opportunity to build skills and develop relationships that will last a lifetime! Confidence, self-discipline, and pride grow through the camaraderie, friendly competition, and family environment in the club.

Each year the children can participate within their club in team and/or individual competitions. These events encourage new friendships in a fun and friendly environment while demonstrating the skills developed in the Big White Blazers program. 

* All children registering for the Big White Blazers must be able to use chair lifts and be able to ski BLUE RUNS in a snowplowChildren must be able to stop, turn, put on own equipment and get up from a fall unassisted.   The ski club is NOT a learn to ski program.  

For those newer to skiing, we recommend lessons through Big White’s Snow School. If you are unsure if your child meets the minimum level required, please contact  

Lift tickets are NOT included with in program fees.  All BWSC members are encouraged to purchase a Big White Season Pass.


‚Äč*no additional taxes in program rates

  • Blazer Zone Races are OPTIONAL and entry fees are NOT included in the program fees (When advancing into the U12 Team and older Racer programs, there will be a 'racer account' where you will bank money to cover these fees throughout the season) - as Blazer Development (Sr), you will have the choice of racing the Blazer Zone races or U12 races, keeping in mind the DEVO team members do NOT have racer accounts so races will be pay-as-you-go same as the Blazers.
  • Big White lift passes are NOT included in the program fees
  • All ages as of December 31, 2022

Volunteer Requirements - The BWSC is a non-profit club and relies on volunteers to run the club.  Each family is required to commit to volunteer hours.  Learn more about volunteer opportunities HERE.

Club Jackets  Regular BWSC Blazers do NOT have BWSC team jackets.  The DEVO TEAM is the youngest age category where skiers in our club have the option to wear the BWSC team jacket. We ask that all families respect this age requirement as there is a code-of-ethics that must be signed off on, to attain permission to wear the club jacket.

Selling of used jackets MUST go through the jacket coordinator so we can manage our inventory of who has which sizes - thank you!

New orders are submitted directly to our supplier in February each year, please contact if you have any questions or would like to order or request a gently-used one.


  • Blazer Half Day>> minimum 6 credits
  • Blazer Full Day>> minimum 8 credits
  • DEVO>> minimum 10 credits
  • U12>> minimum 12 credits
  • U14>> minimum 14 credits
  • U16>> minimum 16 credits

There are many opportunities to fulfill your volunteer credits throughout the season. Questions? email

Step 1 of the Long Term Athlete Development
Step 2 of the Long Term Athlete Development

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