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Kelsey Serwa & Ian Deans - BWSC Alumni

The Big White Ski Club is a non-profit organization that for over 60 years has provided world-class alpine ski training.  We take pride in developing strong skiers and athletes through our specialized training programs, all while having fun. When you join the Big White Ski Club, you don't just become a member, you become a part of our ski family.

Our aim is to provide high quality and affordable ski racing development programs for children 5 to 16, as well as masters, where each member can develop their skiing ability to their own highest potential in a fun and safe club environment.



  • Fun, supportive atmosphere in training and racing.
  • Certified coaches committed to developing fundamentally sound skiers and great racers.
  • Quality free-skiing and world-class race training.
  • Strong focus on providing opportunities for athletes to build self-confidence and achieve success in a team environment.
  • Reinforces the importance of each individual’s personal goals and the significance of teams and the sport experience.
  • Positive environment to become self-reliant individuals who contribute to their team and community.
  • Daily van to training from Kelowna for U12 athletes and above.
  • We are committed to the health and elite training of our athletes:
  1. Physical testing is performed twice a year to quantify performance variables.
  2. Throughout the off-season, group training sessions are scheduled to improve fitness levels.
  3. Outdoor activities and events are organized to supplement athletes' conditioning.



The BWSC have locally coached and trained Kelowna area skiers to the potential of the World Cup Alpine Level. Recent club members of note are 2018 Olympic GOLD & 2014 SILVER medalist Kelsey Serwa, Ian Deans, Ned Ireland, Aleisha Cline, and Sarah Elliot. Notable National team alumni include  Olympian Gary AthansWade Christie (current BWSC coach),  Derek Trussler (current OST coach), Dr. Ryan Oughtred, and Rick Ito.