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Multiple top 10 Results at Apex

By Big White Ski Club, 01/20/20, 9:45PM PST


Press Release January 20, 2020

Big White Ski Club (BWSC) U12 & U14s enjoyed a terrific weekend of racing and camaraderie at Apex Ski Resort January 17-19.  A total of 29 racers and 7 coaches from BWSC participated in one day of training and two days of racing.  The format was two days of two slalom races each day.

BWSC came away with some great performances, including Top Ten finishes as follows:

U14 Women: 
Liv Willoughby 2006 (1st, 1st, 2nd)
Kael Oberlander 2007 (3rd, 3rd, 5th)
Samantha Hveding 2007 (8th, 8th)

U14 Men: 
David Brundula 2006 (9th, 10th)

U12 Women: 
Erika Hveding 2008 (4th, 6th, 6th, 6th)
Layla Styles 2009 (7th, 7th)
Sarah Martin 2009 (10th)

U12 Men: 
Keir Phillips 2008 (4th, 4th, 6th)
Ryan Rebagliati 2009 (7th, 8th, 8th)
Jacob Goodwin 2008 (5th, 10th)
Eduan Naude 2008 (7th)
Oliver Yanow 2009 (10th)

The event was a great success in large part because of the many parents whose volunteer work made the weekend run very smooth.  U12 Coach Kevin Forneris remarked, “It’s always amazing to watch our racers taking what they’ve trained and push their limits in a race.  We saw great skiing, perseverance, and good crashes. It was a great start to the racing season and a real motivator!”

Additional racers from BWSC included: Alexa Martin (2007); Skyla Campbell (2008); Sacha Jirasek (2007); Callum Sutton-Macmillan (2007); Colt Wray (2007); Danika Gariepy (2008); Victoria Wells (2008); Natalia Wolf (2008); Ibi Ziff (2008); Lenna Barbaza (2009); Tierra Elchuk (2009); Nora Setchell (2009); Nolan Leblanc (2008); Eduan Naude (2008); Aidan Carreon (2009); Hunter Kay (2009); Angus Bodnarchuk (2009)

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